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We, at GV have focused our efforts on creating infrastructure with a keen eye to synergize it with inherent requirement of our other business domains for a sustained and inclusive growth.


We have strategically located terminals with various tank size configurations, that are metallurgically varied, for storing A/B/C class of products which include specialized tanks that require heating, refrigeration, corrosion resistant’s etc. We have State of the Art Logistics parks across the globe with a storage capacity exceeding half a million KL.


We operate under our exclusive management Tank Terminals, Logistics Parks and Dry warehouses in UAE / India with specific thrust on major port cities. We offer the following services to our partners:



Development of SEZ in western state of India is awarded to us and is under implementation stage with foreign equity participation. This SEZ is designed for specific use of bio-tech…

Logistics Park

Logistics park in Hamriyah, UAE is designed to be commissioned in two phases with Phase I at advance stage of completion.

Phase I


Phase I of the project aims at handling Chemicals / Petrochemicals / Base Oil / Bitumen / Vegetable Oil/ Gases / Liquefied Gases / Ethanol / Bio Fuels / Edible…

Phase II


Phase II of the project shall handle Cryogenic tanks / Spheres.

Salient Features:

  • Tank Terminal of about 200,000 kl capacity in Phase I at Hamriyah Free Zone, UAE
  • State of the art liquid storage tanks designed to API 650 and NFPA 30 standards
  • Capability to store and handleA/B/C class of products
  • Distillation

    Distillation is a separation process by which a mixture of chemicals is separated into individual components base upon their boiling point values.

    GV is setting up a state-of-art multiproduct distillation facility at Hamariyah, UAE, with a name plate capacity of 300MTpd. The facility is within the envisaged liquid storage terminal and will provide manufacturing flexibility to the storage campus. The facility will enable distillation at a larger temperature range and at a varied pressure gradient across the columns.

  • Hydrogenation

    The distillation facility is slated to come with hydrogenation in Phase II in order to process high sulfur content feeds and, in conjunction with distillation set-up, will render GV a large window of pure and refined products to offer in increasingly discerning markets.

  • Fractionation

    The proposed distillation set up will also be able to absorb mixture feeds with closely boiling components and their effective separation into quality products.

  • Distillation / Hydrogenation / Fractionation will be the first of its kind facilities in this region.



Fleet of vessels of different dead weight/class and age to trade in any hemisphere, under exclusive management.

Dry Storage


Own and long term leased dry storage facilities across the globe including Indian subcontinent / Middle East / Europe / Singapore etc.

Bulk Storage


Bulk storage facilities across the globe with own and lease terminals including Indian subcontinent / Middle East / Europe / Singapore / China etc.

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