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Global Network & Infrastructure

Over 16 Global offices with almost as many stock points internationally and a self-owned storage terminal facility at U.A.E. enables us to harness global business dynamics to our advantage.

Robust Systems

Services supported by our own office automation, in-house web-based systems designed to have absolute control and monitoring.

“Quid Pro Quo” Trade (QPQ)

Innovative and flexible structures facilitating barter solutions, tolling, etc, that further enhances our relations with business partners by positioning their product through QPQ.

Enterprise Partners (EP)

A concept evolved out of our business model postulates understanding enterprise requirements of our customers in terms of their RM procurement needs, associated services, credit and market information, which we offer as an integrated solution of the required services along with structured finance.

Risk Mitigation

Our conscious adoption and incorporation of stringent mechanism of risk management and mitigation backed by able support from team of functional experts enables us to successfully thwart impacts of various business risks like Price Volatility / Exchange Fluctuation / Geographical market forces etc.


Sate-of-the-art storage facility for A/B/C class products in UAE. The Terminal will have following facilities:

Primary Facilities:
  • Storage Facilities for Chemicals / Petrochemicals / Base Oils / Bitumen / Vegetable Oil / Gases / Liquefied Gases / Ethanol / Bio Fuels / Edible Oils
  • Distillation
  • Hydrogenation
  • Fractionation


A fleet of vessels under management affords quick and timely shipments and availability of product globally.

Industry Verticals

Offering a basket of products for timely catering to total requirements/needs of those specific industry verticals / horizontals.

Distribution Network

Our Pan-India presence with 18 offices which are all stock points for containerized and bulk cargo help us cater to our customers’ scheduled needs at different geographical locations on a “JIT” basis.

Customer Relationship Executive

One point contact for customers/associates/business partners with the organization for price/information/product/logistics etc. thus effectively and efficiently addressing the needs of the customers on a single window basis, similar to that of a relationship officer in financial institutions etc.

Consistent and Continuous Supply

Irrespective of market dynamics, to cater to regular needs of our customers on a consistent basis with standard Quality of products/services, ready availability of goods/products irrespective of origin and structured financial assistance as and where required.
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