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“A business that consistently enriches lives is a wealthy business”
We, at GV live by these words.


Corporate Social Responsibilities (CSR) are gaining prominence in this era. CSR is important to achieve a balance of environmental, social and economic factors. They also address the expectations of our shareholders and stakeholders.


GV believed in the importance of CSR long before the Companies Act of 2013 made Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) a mandatory part of all large companies in India. Over the years, as we have evolved into a global group, our CSR activities have progressed from simple philanthropic initiatives to global concepts like triple bottom line (people, planet, profit), corporate citizenship, ethical business practices and sustainability.


We acknowledge the need for corporate citizenship by supporting activities that safeguard the local communities and special populations where we operate.


Our global responsibilities focus on improving the quality of life through ‘Poverty Alleviation’. Our Corporate Social Responsibility initiatives have been planned to generate global avenues for employment, education, health and nutrition, which is the undeniable need especially in the developing worlds.


We have joined hands with an NGO called ‘Apnalaya’. Together we have undertaken efforts to make a small contribution for their general wellbeing and social development.


We have pledged to work for following causes:

  • Working with adolescent girls and boys on gender and responsible citizenship issues
  • We impart employability and livelihood training for poverty alleviation and empowerment of women and urban youth
  • Providing Health, Education, and Livelihood related services to people with special needs
Our NGO Partner

‘Apnalaya’ was founded in 1973 to help people living in slums with a better life. They strive to achieve this through urban development projects in Mumbai. Their role is one of empowerment – they encourage ordinary men and women to believe in self and in their abilities to change their lives for the better. Statistics suggest that almost 3 out of 5 people in Mumbai live in slums. The living conditions in most of these areas are bereft of the most basic facilities. ‘Apnalaya’ aims to provide these basic necessities for a dignified life.


You can read more about Apnalaya here:

"Adequate distribution of goods makes, unmakes-or remakes-all capital calues."
- Kenneth Goode