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TeleCheck is a PC based call monitoring system, adds utility to your customer by capturing and managing outgoing telephone calls data. It speedily provides information every minute with accurate call data information and analysis of calls made thus helping them to control their monthly call expenses. The software can work with any EPABX / KTS having SMDR output and can be ideal for any to every organization having any no. of P&T lines and the any no of extensions.

TeleCheck is used by corporate, government Institutions, call centers, etc. who want to analyze and control Telephone Expense.

This is an innovative solution for analyzing the telephone calls made and maintaining the officialdom by ensuring that personal calls are kept in check at the workplace. Thus it monitors the call volume and provides control over unnecessary phone calls thus saving on the call charges.

TeleCheck is an easy-to-use business productivity and management tool, providing call accounting. This software works with any telephone system that provides SMDR/CDR (Call Detail Record) information, helping you make valuable use of data already available to you through your telephone system.

TeleCheck stores the call record information from your phone system, and lets you recall it in your choice of report formats, providing you with important information to help you manage your business better by cross checking calls and cutting unnecessary call expenses.

TeleCheck produces reports on demand or on an automated schedule as set per requirement by the user. All reports can be viewed on the computer’s screen, saved to your hard drive, e-mailed or viewed on the web.

This makes storage and retrieval of previous and old call information easier and facilitates search and retrieval of the information faster too.

Functionality Features

Telecheck provides a multitude of reports but the major reports that are frequently requested include:

  • Longest calls by extension
  • Most expensive calls by extension
  • Most frequently dialled numbers
  • General summary reports
  • Account code reports for project billing
  • Departmental reports
  • Trunk utilization
  • Area code reports
  • Caller id reporting

Apart from the mentioned features TELECHECK also offers:

Simple Accounts:

  • Real-time data collection
  • Automatic report scheduling
  • ANI/ caller id deluxe reporting
  • Ability to e-mail reports
  • SMDR failure alarm
  • Fraud alert detection
  • Web enabled reports with permission – based access
  • IP – based calls support
  • Export from time to time billing packages, spread sheets or text files
  • Graphical reports
  • Call editing capability
  • Flexible pricing
  • Supports client account and user authorization codes
  • Tracks ring time, on hold time and abandoned calls (phone system dependent)
  • Multi-User support

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