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Sales Opportunity, Contact Management


and Correspondence Management


Sales Lead Tracker® is a sales lead management solution. Its features like Sales Opportunity Management, Contact Management & Correspondence Management give you absolute clarity of the progress of your sales leads, leading to increased individual efficiencies & productivity resulting in higher conversion of prospective leads into confirmed orders.

Various permutations of the available reports in Sales Lead Tracker® put you in total control of your sales & provide critical inputs to plan your marketing strategy.

Sales Lead Tracker® helps in

  • Provides effective control over sales follow up/activities
  • Tracks & Automates correspondence including emails
  • Manages your suspect/prospect/customer information
  • Makes follow up fool proof
  • Increases your hold over the sales opportunities
  • Manages all enquiry documents/activities at one place
  • Automates reporting
  • Provides precise Sales MIS & Sales Funnel Analysis
  • Monitors sales team performance
  • Enhances sales manager managerial skills


  • Ensures that prospects are followed-up at the desired time
  • Tracks lead history & details about action / interaction efficiently
  • Provides hundreds of queries and reports for won lost opportunities
  • Helps to evaluate the effectiveness of sales leads
  • Organize information about suspects & prospects

Lead Tracking

  • Real time status update
  • Intelligent lead assignment
  • Cross functional collaborative sales activities
  • Query based MS reporting
  • Consistent & Measured sales success
  • Perfect monitoring right from lead generation to sales closure


  • Maximize your sales efforts
  • Gain control of your sales team
  • Organize leads and streamline follow up
  • Eliminate bottlenecks
  • Increase Sales
  • Drive Profitability


    • Customer/Prospects Management
  • Organizes basic information about the suspects, prospects and customers
  • Profiles and Categorizes all customers information intelligently and made available to the marketing and sales team
    • Correspondence/email Management
  • Profiles every incoming and outgoing communication & other documents, letters , emails etc. through an Electronic Correspondence Register.
  • Enables quick retrieval based on multiple criteria. One can retrieve communication documents / emails for every contact, lead & sales activity.
    • Campaign Management
  • Enables you to plan different sales campaigns from the list of contacts available with facility of addition and deletion of targets as and when needed.
  • Facilitates varied campaigns type like a mail campaign, an email campaign and also a tele-marketing campaign or combination there-of.
    • Sales Activities/Follow up Management
  • Facilitates to define your own sales cycle and track every sales activity done for every lead for every prospect/customer and keep tracks of all follow ups due.
  • For every prospect/customer and keep tracks of all follow ups due.
    • Sales Leads/Enquiries Management
  • Tracks all relevant information about every lead/enquiry till you win or loose the sale.
  • Provides information about Sales Pipeline like Leads Not Closed, Won, Lost etc.
  • Hundreds of reports can be generated to assess the Sales Funnel.
    • Customer Interaction Management
  • Tracks every interaction done with a target or a customer whether it is phone call, meeting, appointment etc.
  • Who have interacted with whom and what was the outcome of the interaction and when will be the next interaction requires.
  • Hundreds of reports can be generated to assess the Sales Funnel.
    • Correspondence & email Automation
  • Automates document / letter / emails preparation with Microsoft® Word & Outlook by using the power of Template Management.
  • Provides interface in Microsoft word, Excel & Outlook to create documents and emails.
    • Marketing Collateral/Template Management
  • Organizes all marketing collaterals and master communication documents and templates well
  • Provides access to collaterals and master communication documents and templates to the Authorized sales/Marketing team
    • Greeting Management
  • Tracks greeting dates/events such as Birth days, Spouse Birth days, anniversaries etc.
  • Facilitates to generate bulk letters/emails etc. to greet.
    • Quotes /Proposals Automation & Management
  • Automates quotation creation process from the details of leads/enquiries itself.
  • Facilities to rename Quotation as proposal, bid, estimate etc. as per the prevailing practice in the organization.

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