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A Solution for Structured File Management


Knowledge Management


KDOC® is an innovative software that enhances and extends Microsoft® Office. It sports vital features like Smart file Management, Record Management, Knowledge Management and Continuity Management.

KDOC® automatically organizes documents by classifying them logically as working, inactive and historical, thus making their retrieval or their use to create new documents faster and easier, independent of the original creator.

It enables sharing of the knowledge documents amongst colleagues, yet protecting the confidentiality of documents by providing defined access. KDOC® negates any chance of overwriting, tampering, duplication or waste of effort in creating already existing documents.

Smart File Management

    • Uniform File Naming System

Automatically names Microsoft® Office files by removing the option of file ‘save as’ dialog box.

    • Document Profiling System for Faster Retrieval

Provides a facility to assign various properties like subject, category, contact group, document owner, work group and two user defined properties. Thus getting desired documents becomes an instantaneous process on the basis of their properties.

    • Multiple Dates

Automatically tracks creation date, last modified date/time, last access date/time and facilitates to give target date and statutory date for each document. User can get documents for specified period on the basis of these dates.

    • User Defined Queries

Provides the option of adopting various permutations and combinations of the document properties to make retrieving process more streamlined.


    • Unique Number Allocation

Allocates a unique number to each document. This facilitates in easy tracking and faster retrieval of documents.

    • Intelligent Classification

Organizes documents by classifying them as working, inactive and historical documents, thereby removing unnecessary clutter of documents from the workspace.

    • Central Repository

Automates saving of working and knowledge documents at a centralized location, thus making their access easier.

    • Reports

Prints the complete list of working and knowledge documents not only in predefined format but also in Microsoft® Excel, enabling you to refer it for retrieval of the document/s of your interest.

Knowledge Management

    • Knowledge Document Management

Standard formats, templates, model documents and company information referred to as knowledge documents can be managed efficiently, with the following features:

  • Centralized storage of knowledge documents
  • Easy identification and capturing of knowledge documents
  • Automated categorization of knowledge documents
  • Unique number allocation for each knowledge document
  • Sharing of knowledge documents amongst co-workers
  • Allows importing and exporting of knowledge documents that enables sharing with remote location.
  • Prints a complete list of knowledge documents for easier reference
    • Collaborative Tools
  • Working notes can be jotted for every document
  • An exclusive document status system is created for
    tracking progress
  • Document allocation for completion and monitoring
    • Inter Office / Branch Sharing of Documents

Enables sharing of inter office/branch documents by import and export utility.


    • Back up

Creates incremental back up of documents

    • Security

Provides dual level security, by allowing user to log on with their password. Also restricts access to documents on the basis of their access rights.

    • Import Documents from Folders/Subfolders

Enables importing of existing set of documents lying in folders/subfolders.

    • Export Documents to Folders/Subfolders

Documents can be exported in an organized folder hierarchy on the basis of selected document properties.

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