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Now save tremendous time and energy while managing your investments and accounts. With investsmart, you just hit a key to know all about your stock market transactions, calculate taxes, prepare accounting statements, analyze interest rates, set payment due date reminders etc. Yes it’s that easy, simple and accurate.

Spend a few moments to understand how you can simplify your life by putting investment and accounts-related data in order.


  • IPO / Rights Application, Call Money, Allotment, Refund details
  • Market Transaction (Investment / Intraday) details management
  • Derivative Transactions details management
  • Bonus / Split / Merger / Dividend details management
  • Demat Account holding / Internal Demat transfer details management
  • Gain / Loss on the basis of FIFO/LIFO/AVERAGE/MANUAL details management
  • Debenture Conversion details management
  • Off-Market Purchase / Sale details management

In today’s tough times, your investments in mutual funds, bonds and insurance offer you maximum financial stability and security. Hence, they are very important and you can’t afford to ignore them. But maintaining an organized track of your investments and tax saving ventures is a tough task and often you end up paying a consultant exorbitant sums for the same.

Instead Investsmartplus offers a systematic, error-free way as well as financial stability and independence to manage your investments.

Here’s how you gain with Investsmartplus.

  • Application / Allotment / Refund of Bond
  • Purchase / Sale / Redemption of Bond
  • FD/NSC/KVP/PPF Transactions
  • Insurance Transactions
  • Demat Account holding / Internal Demat transfer details management
  • Gain / Loss on the basis of FIFO/LIFO/AVERAGE/MANUAL details management
  • Mutual Fund Application / Allotment
  • Mutual Fund Purchase / Sale

Sometimes, basic accounts consume more time than the complicated ones. No more worries now. investsmartplus helps you follow a step-by-step process to manage all your accounting requirements. It’s as good as working with a professional. The only thing it lacks is sense of humor!

Here’s how you simplify accounts with investsmartplus

Simple Accounts:

  • Bank Transactions
  • Cash Transactions
  • Journal Vouchers
  • Bank Reconciliation
  • Loan amount received/paid

Simple Accounts:

  • Merge account transactions
  • Reconstruct entire ledger
  • Year-end process and transfer

Sometimes, even your personal secretary forgets and makes occasional goof-ups. But some goof-ups are far from being interesting. Particularly, the ones that are directly related to accounts and investments.

Investsmartplus offers you error-free mechanism to manage small but important requirements like premium and payment due date reminders and more.

Here’s how investsmart offers you amazing utility value:

  • Update Market Rate via internet
  • Import transactions from Broker HTML bill
  • Tax calculator
  • Interest analyzer
  • EMI and premium reminders
  • Zero error system
  • Password protection

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