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A complete solution, web based Human Resources Management System


Sky HRM is a complete solution for your Human Resources Development and Management System. It’s completely web based and come-up with an extensive set of modules are; Employee Information Management, Leave & Attendance Management, PayRoll Management, Appraisal/Performance Management, Training Management, Recruitment & HRD Management to cover all aspects of the HR domain.

Employee Information Management

The Employee Information Management module facilitates HR professionals to focus on pro-active, strategic work by automating the routine, reactive, “admin” work.


  • Instant, online access to information (leave balances, application status, salary slips, etc.)
  • Automatic email alerts of application status to employees, managers & HR administrator.
  • Huge reduction in HR transaction costs.
  • Tracking events like birthdays, anniversaries, confirmations, license expiry dates, etc with automatic reminder facility.
  • Centralized tracking of documents related to employees, scanned content and issued letters.

Leave & Attendance Management

The Leave and Attendance Management module automates all aspects of the payroll domain with very little manual effort required. This module works seamlessly with any type of time tracking hardware like biometric devices, RFID, smart cards, etc.


  • Works seamlessly with any type of time tracking hardware like biometric devices, RFID, smart cards, etc.
  • Streamlining employee leave management helps you tackle multiple concerns in a single stroke.
  • Prevents effective administration of companys leave policies and employees team spirit.
  • Keeps track on the daily attendance of employees, leave details, comp-offs, etc.
  • Generates various important reports like the daily and monthly attendance register, the leave report, late comers report, early leavers report, employees special timings report, etc.

Payroll Management

Payroll Management module is designed to efficiently process staff earnings and deductions in accordance to statutory regulations governing staff in specific regions/countries.


  • Ensure all tax compliance line Income Tax (TDS) / PF / ESIC, etc.
  • Handles all requirements including salary advances, loans and automatic EMI deductions, arrears, reimbursements, bonus etc.
  • Generation of Pay Slips and auto emailing to all employees.
  • Support Periodic or Annual salary increments which may be defined as per the various payroll categories / classifications.
  • Ensuring 100% accuracy, huge time savings and highly satisfied employees.