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Management Software


eSecretary® is a Correspondence Automation and Management Software that seamlessly integrates with Microsoft® Office. It helps in managing secretarial and organizational tasks, thus increasing efficiency and enhancing productivity in the office environment.

Contact Management

Contact Management in eSecretary ensures that every contact is intelligently profiled & made available to the users with few clicks. eSecretary provides a very easy interface during data entry and hence is adaptable & user friendly. eSecretary contact management can be used to maintain corporate contact information, personal contact information, and more. eSecretary’s contact management is very useful & powerful feature.

Correspondence Automation & Management

Automates documents / letters / emails preparation with Microsoft® Office and facilitates quick generation of documents, letters , emails etc. Also automates profiling of documents thus enabling quick retrieval and better organization of work.

Template Management

eSecretary is a great enabler of Knowledge Management and knowledge sharing. eSecretary has the benefit of a centrally hosted Template library which can host frequently used documents/formats/templates by people across the organization. Knowledge can be neatly categorized and preserved in a Central Knowledge base and hence work can be executed faster. Creating new documents is very easy in eSecretary as all you need to do is select an appropriate template.

Group Communication Management

eSecretary provides a excellent group communication facility by way of personalized email, physical mails. eSecretary provides Contact Management with categorization & instant communication by way of mass mailing or by call out facility. eSecretary facilitates printing of Labels & Envelops with a click.

Greeting Management

eSecretary provides extensive Greetings Management features like reminding about all the important dates & events such as Birth days, Spouse Birth days, anniversaries etc (of your contacts). If these dates are recorded, eSecretary provides a pop up to remind you on that day, ensuring that you never miss out on important days and your Relationship management is in order.

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