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Our strong presence of over two decades in the international market backed by impeccable commitment towards contractual terms and continuous off take of product baskets, our suppliers have propelled us to foray into both Raw & Intermediate and Finished fertilizers.


We have successfully ventured into N-P-K fertilizers. Strong support from our suppliers backed by our global network and strong team of experienced professionals ensure continuous and smooth execution of supply chain management to service our customers and suppliers alike across the globe.

Nitrogen Fertilizers
Ammonium SulphateNitrogen Solutions
Phosphorus Fertilizers
Triple SuperphosphateMonoammonium Phosphate
Diammonium PhosphateAmmonium Phosphate Liquid
Rock Phosphate
Potassium Fertilizers
Muriate of Potash

GV sources its petroleum products, viz naphtha and pygas, mainly for gasoline blending.